Longeval Chateau was held by the Department of Rhone until 2016. It has 60 rooms including 19 bedrooms spread over 3 floors. More than 3200m² to renovate to make this incredible site located at Saint-Just-d’Avray. Its location close to the forest made it an excellent choice for developing sporting activities (walking, mountain-biking) and relaxation. When Arnaud Philibert saw this article in the press he had the idea of investing and creating a place for meditation.


The whole castle had to be renovated to develop the project Arnaud Philibert wanted. “Creating conditions to support revealing our True Nature.” Living in a community, in harmony and organising day to day life around sharing. To do this, teachers from around the world came to share their spiritual knowledge with visitors looking for a sense of peace. With this concept, “We wanted to welcome each person’s aspirations, creativity and spontaneity.” Arnaud reminds us. Today, the Hridaya Yoga France association has over 1000 members, 3000 visitors a year and is aiming for a record year in 2019. This rehabilitation project also goes hand in hand with ecology: replacing heating and sanitary systems was part of the renovation work. The association offers daily workshops on spirituality, meditation retreats and even intensive yoga modules and daily classes for personal development and well-being. For info: Hridaya Yoga consists of coming back to essentials, self-knowledge through the awareness of every moment by putting meditation at the core of everything you do.