More than 1600 public bodies regularly sell their assets on Agorastore which has lead to a record number of sales: 70m euros for 2017. Management within public bodies has undergone great changes: for several years now more and more have been choosing online auctions to optimise their finances and show transparency to the public. As owners of property assets that are sometimes too difficult to maintain or renovate, public bodies have simply left them to one side. Now they have a digital solution to save time and gain value on their assets. The variety of assets to sell: chapels, churches, chateaux, police stations, court buildings, windmills, universities, vehicles and furniture show that size is an issue for public bodies. Transparency: by selling their assets on the internet institutions can put an end to arrangements that are sometimes linked to a conflict of interest. Sales are open to everyone, and anyone can find out about them. In figures: since 2005 public bodies have sold more than 90,000 assets on Agorastore. More than 120,000 auctions have taken place on the site and more than 1600 institutions have sold on the platform.