Selling a building in Bordeaux

The seller and the asset

Cavignac is a town located in the North-East of the Gironde region between Bordeaux and Angouleme. This building in Bordeaux being sold by the town was gifted to the region by a wealthy former inhabitant. The organisation came to Agorastore as they did not have the required knowledge of all the legal implications of selling a building that was occupied by renters.


The issues

  • The authorities needed to ensure optimum value for an asset located in an attractive area and that the turnkey sales process was legally compliant.

Type of property



Bordeaux town centre

Surface area

727 m²

Reserve price

3 144 000 €


Once our experts examined and valued the property, notably using an overview of capitalisation of income to understand and analyse the economic potential for investors, the building was put on the Agorastore site with a reserve of 3,144,000 euros to offer a sale in line with the market.


Following that, important advertising methods were used to ensure the asset was known to qualified local and national operators in particular with wide media coverage. (47 approved buyers)


The Agorastore team then analysed the requests and the projects proposed by interested buyers. The team came to help with the project by assisting with creating a business plan and only the most reliable projects were kept to the visiting stage (15 people).


After visiting the building, authorised buyers and the organisation received help from Agorastore to set up the auction and also with notarial guidance.



  • 7 bids were made by a local investor
  • Sale price: €3,337,4419
  • This performance surpassed the area estimation by 30%


Flat : maximising the sale price and ensuring a secure transaction


Offices and industries : selling a strategic asset with rental revenue